Cost Effective

Cheapest such product in the market. Starting with: $2500 for database and $1 per lead for customised leads

Best Quality

Magistral has itself delivered a score of fund-raising assignments using this database

Wide Coverage

25000+ leads of LPs and GPs in US, Europe, UK, Middle East, India and China

Broad Outreach

Limited partners- Sovereign Wealth Fund, Banks, HNIs, Family Offices, Endowment funds
General partners- Private Equity, Venture Capital, Angel Partners, Incubators, SBIC


Fully developed in-house, 500+ guaranteed customized leads for your specific requirements

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the composition of global coverage?

40% of the leads are from EU and UK, another 40% is from the US, remaining 20% is from RoW including India

What details are there for a lead?

A lead carries name, verified email ID, phone number, organization’s name, address and investment mandate

Can the data be downloaded in Excel?

Excel downloading facility is provided for a defined sub-section of the database

Is the database is GDPR compliant?

The database is GDPR compliant but the user needs to make sure that the information sent over to leads is useful to them along with required disclaimers. Spamming leads with information is not advisable.

How are these leads sourced? Are they reliable?

These leads are sourced by Magistral’s in-house team that works on scores of fundraising assignments. As these leads have been used to raise funds in the past, their reliability is good.

What is it that $2500 price includes?

It’s one user license for 6 months for the database on “as is where is” basis

What if the leads I need are not there in the database?

You can ask for customized leads at a very competitive rates of $1/lead

Who is the target customer for this database?

This database is for budget conscious customer, who wants to start with minimum investment possible. These may be emerging managers or unfunded start-ups.

What if I need far more information about an asset manager, than what the lead provides?

You can get in touch with the analyst and ask for customized research quote.

What is LP/GP composition?

The database comprise of 50% LPs and 50% GPs.